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Q: Is it free to search for property on
Yes, is FREE for all buyers to search.  The quick search box appears at the top of every page on  You can also click on the "Buyers" tab to use our Advanced Search.  
Q: As a buyer, what personal information do you collect from me before I start searching?

Each listing on has the ability to count the number of views and visitors.  We only capture the IP address of the computer that is viewing a full listing details page.  This IP address remains private at all times.  The seller simply sees a basic counter for how many visitors and views their listing has received.  They are not able to see any location or personal data for the person viewing their listing.

When using the Contact Owner message feature you are required to enter your name, email, and phone number so the seller can reply to your inquiry. does not sell or share any user information.

Q: Can I sign up to receive automatic email notifications regarding new listings in my area?
A: currently does not offer a buyer notification or registration system. Please check back for updates as this is something that may be added in the future.


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Q: Use the Seller'sContact Info
A: Don’t be afraid to contact the seller from the information they have provided. If there is a phone number, they want you to call. If there is an email option, they want you to email. If you get the seller’s voicemail, leave a message. State your name, where you found the listing, and clearly/ slowly leave your phone number. Do not hesitate to follow up if you do not hear from them by the next day.
Q: Get Pre-Qualified
A: Before you waste any of your time, or the seller’s time, make sure you can afford the property you are inquiring about. Be sure to contact a local Mortgage Professional from our Professional Services page for more info on getting pre-qualified, so you know exactly how much you can afford.
Q: Get a Home Inspection

Know what you are getting into - get a home inspection!  After your offer is accepted, hire a professional home inspector.  They will typically spend a couple of hours combing through the property to find minor and major problems, if any.  The cost for this ranges depending on property type/size, but is generally between $300-$600.  It is money well spent, as they should be able to point out things in a property that are often overlooked by buyers.

Q: After the Offer is Accepted
A: Your Mortgage Company will order the appraisal and the title work. You will not need an agent for any of that. It is all covered in the services provided by your mortgage company. They will have a Closing Attorney/Title Company handle the entire closing process and distribute and collect all monies changing hands.
Q: After the Closing
A: Most experts suggest changing the locks on all of the exterior doors after you have purchased a new home. You never know how many keys are floating around for your new property. It is safest to simply get the locks changed right away.