Flat Fee MLS

Property owners can now reduce the fees paid when marketing their property through a real estate broker by using our Flat Fee MLS program. List your property on the Multiple Listing Service for an upfront flat fee of $399.95 plus the buyer's broker commission which is paid at closing.

By posting your property for sale in the MLS, your listing will feed to the following sites, plus many more!

You may also select your state on the map to view coverage and more details. New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas Mississippi Alabama Georgia Tennessee South Carolina North Carolina Virginia Florida Kentucky West Virginia Maryland Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania New York Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire Maine Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Wisconsin Missouri Iowa Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Montana Wyoming Colorado Idaho Utah Arizona Nevada Washington Oregon California Alaska Hawaii Washington D.C.


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Q: What is the MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a local database that advertises properties for sale to licensed real estate agents. Each area has a distinct MLS that is utilized by local real estate agents and is only accessible to these agents. Once listed on your local MLS, your property may feed (depending on area) to several national real estate websites, such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo and more. The exposure you receive on the MLS is tremendous! (Thousands of real estate agents through your local MLS and millions of potential buyers through the internet.)

Q: How does the Flat Fee MLS package work?

Once you sign-up for the Flat Fee MLS package, MLSmart Realty, LLC will either handle the lead ourselves or refer it out to a licensed real estate broker that is a member of your area MLS. Once the forms have been submitted back to the listing broker, the property is listed and assigned a MLS number, and at that point there are no refunds. The listing broker will list your property on your local MLS for six months. Once listed in the MLS, you will be responsible for showings, additional marketing, open houses, negotiations, etc. The broker acts as your listing agent, but does not collect a commission (in most cases - you may verify by clicking on your state's MLS page). By default, their name and phone number will appear on your MLS listing as well as some real estate websites, such as Realtor.com, Zillow, etc. Seller contact information is not allowed on third party sites. It will either be the listing broker's contact information or another agent's information depending on the website.  Seller contact information is not allowed on any sites beyond the actual MLS. We nor the listing broker have any control over this  or where potential buyer leads are sentIf a broker brings you a buyer and you accept an offer you will need to pay them a commission. All commission is negotiable, but the average is around 2-3% and will need to be stated up front upon entering the MLS. Once the MLS forms have been submitted back to the listing broker and your property has been listed in the MLS you are no longer considered a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) property and we are unable to offer refunds. (MLS & Realtor.com is not offered in all areas, please click your State on the map above for coverage area & additional details.)

Q: May I add more photos or make changes to my MLS listing?

Yes, you may add additional photos or make changes to your MLS listing.  Your listing agent will go over fees for this (if applicable) as well as any additional options/services they may offer.

Q: When will my MLS listing post on Realtor.com and other sites?

In most areas, your MLS listing will feed through to Realtor.com and the other public sites within 1-3 business days after being active in the MLS. Realtor.com pulls limited information from the MLS and sometimes takes a few days to pull the photo. The listing broker has no control over how long it takes to feed through to those sites.  Also, certain property types will not feed through to all of the sites.  Please check with the listing broker before submitting the MLS paperwork.

Q: May I cancel my MLS listing early?
A: Yes, you may cancel your MLS listing at anytime during the 6 month listing period, however the upfront listing fee is not refundable or prorated. Before entering into a written listing agreement with a licensed real estate broker, you should inquire about whether there are any additional fees charged for early cancellation.  Please note - Once the MLS forms have been submitted back to the listing agent, we are unable to offer refunds.
Q: I have ordered the MLS package, what is the next step to get listed on the MLS?
A: We have referred your information to a licensed real estate broker who will place your property in the MLS. They will contact you via email or phone to get started on the required MLS forms (please make sure to check your email and your SPAM folder). Once these forms have been submitted back to the listing broker for entry into the MLS we are unable to offer refunds. The MLS package charge will come through as MLSmart Realty, LLC.
Q: How do I determine the percent commission I am willing to offer to a buyer’s broker?
A: You will state the percent commission you are willing to offer to the buyer’s broker on the required MLS forms that come from the listing broker.  This commission will be on your MLS listing for all buyer’s agents to see.
Q: Will I be able to retain control over my listing on Zillow if I list my property in the MLS?

It depends on your MLS system whether or not you will mainatin control of your listing on Zillow once your property is listed in the MLS.  Some MLS's automatically feed through and others do not.  This is out of our control as to the feed from the MLS.

Q: Will my MLS listing feed to Zillow & Trulia?

In most cases, yes the property will automatically feed to these two sites.  If your MLS does not cooperate with these sites then you will have to manually add your listing.  Unfortunately, we have no control over this.  It is free and just takes a few minutes to do this.  Here are the instructions...

Enter your property address on Zillow.  Click the link to view your property details.  Next to the map click the button next to "More" that has an arrow pointing down.  From there you can "Claim This Home" so you can edit the property details and also "Post for sale for free".